Corinne-VacherCorinne Vacher (INRA Researcher)


Thomas_FortThomas Fort (PhD student)

  • Phyllosphere microbial community structure at the landscape scale
  • Co-supervised with Cécile Robin (Biogeco)
  • Personal website


Charlie-PauvertCharlie Pauvert (PhD student)


Tania Fort (PhD student)

  • Plant-microbiota interactions: influence of microclimate on leaf microbiota and feedback effects on leaf physiology and phenology
  • Co-supervised with Lisa Wingate and Amy Zanne



Tania Fort with Lisa Wingate and Amy Zanne

Former students

Boris Jakuschkin (PhD student, 2011-2015) : Genetic architecture of phyllosphere microbial communities of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur). Co-supervised with C. Robin and  V. Fievet (Biogeco).

Elodie Camy (Master II student, 2015): Relationship between the diversity of phyllosphere microbial communities and plant resistance to drought. Co-supervised with A.J. Porté (Biogeco).

Jean-Benoist Leger (PhD student, 2010-2014) : Modelling the topology of ecological networks with statistical models for heterogeneous random graphs. Co-supervised with J-J. Daudin (UMR518 MIA, AgroParisTech).

Quentin Baillavoine (Master II student, 2014): Effects of tree phylogeny and introduction status on phyllosphere fungal communities. Co-supervised with B. Castagneyrol (Biogeco)

Tristan Cordier (PhD student, 2008-2012) : Influence of climate on the diversity and composition of phyllosphere fungal communities of European beech (Fagus sylvatica). Co-supervised with M.L. Desprez-Loustau and C. Robin. Funded by the BACCARA european project and the French Department of Forest Health.

Isabelle Pivotto (Master I student, 2009): Assessment of phylogenetic signals in bipartite ecological networks.

Lucie Lusignan (Master II student, 2009): Modelling fungal and oomycete assemblages at the global scale to assess risk of invasion. Co-supervised with M. Gevrey (UMR EDB, Toulouse).

Emmanuelle Helion (Master II student, 2006)Modelling the richness of parasitic fungal species in the French forests. Co-supervised with M-L. Desprez-Loustau (Biogeco)